Get your backpack ready, get lost in nature and don’t forget your camera to show us how it felt !

One Passion brings us together

We are all here because we have one thing in common: Love of Nature

Circuits in Tunisia

Are you a curious discoverer who wants to explore Tunisia’s hidden beauties? Or a brave adventurer who would like to explain to others how to arrive the start point of a breath-taking trek in the forest, on the mountains or on islands, this space is for you and will bring us together to taste and share the special Tunisian Nature charm!

Circuits Abroad

Read about Tunisians who made exceptional experiences abroad and learn from their stories and adventures. Get inspired of future travel destinations across the globe, plan your spiritual escape into a different nature. From Asia, through Europe, Africa to Latin America, we cover the whole world because we are simply everywhere!

Sharing is Caring

Whether you would like to learn something new or give some advice about backpacking material, a secret beautiful spot you discovered or even a great guesthouse, it's always good to exchange some useful information, let's share some practical travelling tips and we all will learn from each other, give and take useful tips and enjoy!

Know us, join us !

Tunisia Backpackers is an idea born to bring together an awesome group of people who share the Love of Nature. We want to talk out loud about this love and spread it everywhere to reach you, to inspire you and make you join us ! Tell us about your experience, about your opinion or share a beautiful destination you discovered. You will make the day of others and you will feel happy!

I want to get inspired

Today I feel like getting inspired by a new destination, I feel like getting lost in nature somewhere. Today I want to feel free, I want to enjoy nature and I want to laugh and connect with the trees and the plant. Today I want to sleep in front of a gorgeous view and witness a breath-taking sunrise! Read here about experiences which changes the lives of other Tunisian Travellers.

Be kind to Nature, act Responsibly

Mother Nature is caring and kind. We as a family take care and protect each other, but who protects her? Let's enjoy connecting with the Nature and live the experience but let's also preserve the places we visit. We discover beautiful spots, but how should we keep them beautiful? Show me how to act responsibly to protect natural reserves and how to raise my awarness, I want to learn.

Tunisian Backpackers of the Month

What are Tunisia Backackers up to? Get to know them and see who contributes to enriching this platform from all over the world!

Ayoub Kacem

Nature Lover

Once in a while throw away your mobile, keys, and other gadgets .. take a deep breath.. and just go away into nature

Achraf Aouadi

Occasional Traveller

Behind every single shot a confession. By a Tunisian Expat Engineer in Germany, occasional Photographer, Volunteer and Traveller

Ayoub Ben Khiroun

Camping Addict

A Photographer and Outdoor-enthusiast on the search for the eternal happiness and on a mission to inspire the hearts around the planet

Who we are and how this idea started

Join the group of Tunisian travelers who want to share and spread the Travel Fever everywhere and encourage our friends to join us and connect with nature :-)

Who we are

Backpacking is an activity of a big interest in Tunisia nowadays. Thanks to solo travelers and camping groups, the country’s high mountains, misknown beaches and dense forests have been highlighted and shown to the world.

Most of the backpackers knew each other through various social networks and youtube videos and also thanks to organized trips. But other people who wanted to try this great experience mostly didn't know where to learn about it and whom to ask to hike and camp safely, responsibly and especially have fun. This platform will gather all this information and will be our guide to invading the World !

This how the idea of creating this community was born. The aim is to gather all travellers across and outside Tunisia, to create a great and dynamic community and document their travels and adventures, so that others get inspired and have the chance to discover hidden beautiful paradises as those curious adventurers.

Do you want to join us and contribute to enrich this open platform? Just get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to welcome you !

Share you opinion and tell how it felt!

What Tunisian Backpacker think about travelling across and outside Tunisia

I have always had this energy and will to merge myself with the nature. It simply clears my mind and helps me get rid of all the stress we gather during a working week in the city. Getting lost between the mountains and under the trees is a unique experience you learn a lot from. Travelling is a passion, nature is a medicine, you just need to know how to take it.

Achraf Aouadi

Achraf Aouadi


Voyager, c'est une passion. Quand on tombe amoureux du Voyage, On ne s'en sépare jamais. Ça devient un compagnon de vie. Voyager c'est apprendre à connaître autrui et à se connaître soi même. C'est réaliser la beauté de la nature qui nous entoure et relativiser notre simple existence... Voyager c'est avoir conscience qu'un ailleurs existe de manière simultané.

Nadia Tarhouni

Nadia Tarhouni


Being into nature helps me to meditate and rethink and often reset my priorities. I am on the search for the eternal happiness. On a mission to inspire the hearts around the planet, to lead the quest for freedom and to appreciate and nurture the beauty surrounding us. Through my lenses, you'll get a feeling of how life looks like when your Motto is "LIVE TO INSPIRE".

Rabii Ben Brahim

Rabii Ben Brahim

Photographer & Video Maker

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Do you want to share a special experience or a great adventure? Or do want to talk about a beautiful circuit in Tunisia or all over the world? We would love to hear from you ans welcome you as a member of our team!