What are the most important camping material that we should have ? Which trekking tools do we need when decide to go discover some mountains ? What should we consider when going for an adventure ? Have those questions ever come to your mind ?

Many of us are discovering Outdoors Terkking for the very first time and many of us are still making the first steps in this great activitiy. That’s why we had the idea of creating this space for “experienced” Backpackers, so that they share what they have learned throughout their travels.

The Best Practices page for Trekking and Camping is the right place for every traveller who wants to share some ideas, tips and any kind of information that could be helpful of other travellers and adventurers.

Let’s help each other be well prepared for great adventurers! Just get in touch with us through the “Contact” menu tab or directly in the comments below for new ideas and feedback and we will get in touch with you right away!