My new Addiction

It has been 4 years now that I started hiking and trekking in my beautiful country Tunisia. Perhaps I could start earlier but it is never late. My country is relatively small but it is has a fabulous mixture of sceneries.

Each Sunday I join a group of hikers and we hit the road for a new destination. The group contains amateur and professional hikers who enjoy outdoor activities with different levels of trails (hiking, climbing, trekking..). Our destination is generally reachable by car or bus in one day trip. The road takes between 1 and 2 hours and then the adventure begins…

I had some great but challenging experiences in the forests and the mountains with their much steeper and rockier climbs and descents in the North and Western-North of Tunisia. We were there no matter how the weather was, we spent some windy, rainy, cold days, but also some hot and humid days. We sometimes revisit some places, but each time is felt like the first time. Even a trail hiked many times before will deliver surprises that keep boredom at bay.

I never though we have such beautiful places in Tunisia. Climbing Bargou Mountain in Siliana was a unique experience. I felt a personal achievement when I did it to the marvelous cave Damous el khanga in Jendouba. I still remember the stanning views in Kef Chgeg in Mateur and the relaxing sounds of the water falls in Wed zitoun.

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Each Time I step away from my desk and step back out into nature, I got the chance to experience my country directly and without a filter, and to rediscover the rhythm of the day and the seasons. I can’t find words to describe the beauty of the hidden corners of Tunisia. I will let you discover some of them in those pictures.

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