Why you should definitely travel to East Asia

Travelling in East Asia? This ultimate experience is what travelling’s all about. From the beautiful beaches in Thailand, the stunning sunrise over the amazing Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the wonderful scenery and nice views along the trekking trails in Taiwan, East Asia offers large opportunities to enjoy the endless beauty of Mother Nature and culture.

Dear readers, I am more than happy to share my modest personal experience in travelling in Asia and this time I will focus first on Thailand. I hope my tips in travelling in Thailand can be helpful to you. Thailand is the travel hub to start a backpacking tour around Southeast Asia. The most convenient connections and the quickest journey from Tunisia are flying through Dubai or Doha airports. Fly Emirates and Qatar Airways operate daily flights to Bangkok. Bangkok is a crazy,
vibrant and energetic city. I call it city of paradox. On the one hand, Bangkok is full of glass skyscrapers and modern architecture and on the other hand, the city can look chaotic. If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok, allow enough time to discover its highlights. The land of smile is an easy country and very safe place to travel. I used to live and travel in Thailand for six months, making it my longest-traveled Southeast Asian country.

Transportation: By train or by bus, each corner in Thailand is easily reachable. To go overland, the long journey requires a full day or an overnight. However, the night bus or the night train is the best way to save time and accommodation fees. If you’re heading to an island, it is often better to get a combo-ticket (bus & ferry) then pay separately.

Accommodation: Hostels, guesthouses and Bungalows are very cheap. They are even in the north (Chiang Mai & Pai) or in the southern islands cheaper than in Bangkok. Do you believe me, if I say: I shared once a bungalow with two friends for only 15 TND a night?
And remember: never book the accommodation in advance, unless you’re not travelling during the high season (December & January). Once you arrive at your destination, you can look for a convenient accommodation and you can also bargain the price.

Food: Food in Thailand is not only cheap but also tasty. The exotic flavors make it one of the world’s great cuisines. However, the portions can be small. If you think, that Tunisian food is spicy, you should try the spicy Tom Yum Soup but I’m worried, that you will regret. After the first meal in Thailand, I learned to say “Mai Pet” (not spicy) when I ordered the food. The Thai food is my favorite so far. If you learn to cook the Thai dishes, don’t miss the cooking class! It takes often a half day and it’s worth it!

These all good reasons make Thailand a must-visit country. Take the opportunity to visit it and immerse yourself into the beautiful landscapes, the history and the culture of this amazing paradise!

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